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It was meant to be…

I was very new to the home building experience. Unbeknownst to Mark, after a first attempt with another builder, I was left blindsided & somewhat homeless after being in my previous home for 20 years. I was heartbroken & didn’t know where or how I would start over. It was then I found that Wood Construction had started their new development, Woods Edge at Dry Creek. I had seen a unit on Shannon Drive a few years back & remembered really liking the layout & details in that home. I could tell the builder cared about his art & craftsmanship. With only 2x4’s up, I chose a few minor wall changes that were met with excitement of what I had in mind. I then watched my future come to life.

I felt at ease through the entire process with Wood Construction. My questions were answered quickly & I was provided great details from the get-go. My thoughts & ideas were discussed openly & I was educated on the pros & cons as well as the right ways & wrong ways during the process. It was an exciting process & it each step came in good time.

Because Mark & his team start with top selections, it makes decisions quick & easy, as well as takes the stress out of wondering if you’ll go over your budget. All of Mark’s contractors were a pleasure to work with, especially Devonna Wood at Cabinet Studio. Devonna amazed me with her skills. I simply showed her a few pictures of the look I was going for & she provided a quote that was not only timely but it was as if she crawled into my mind & put to paper what I could have never explained well enough.

I have felt a sense of honesty & integrity with Wood Construction. Mark provides confidence to his buyers through the building process & even after the sale. He is easy-going with changes & will not compromise the outcome of his product. He is available to answer further questions or makes himself available in person to address a concern if one should arise.

I was beyond fortunate to come across the opportunity of building with Mark & Wood Constructions in Woods Edge at Dry Creek & it was perfect timing. It was truly meant to be. I feel honored to be the first neighbor & look forward to many more.

Anjenette Larson

Working with Mark and his wife, Devonna, is so much fun and easy as we design and build our dream home. Mark's experience in home building pays off during the design phase to assure there are no significant issues during the build phase.

Mike & Mel Moseley

When we initially made our decision to embark on a ‘home building experience’ 8 years ago, we researched several well-known builders in the metro area. We inquired of other home  owners about their total building experience with their contractor, their opinion of the construction quality, attention to details and their general evaluation of the working relationship with their contractor.

After extensive review of our research and careful consideration of what was most important to us, we selected Wood Construction to build our new home. We were impressed with the fact that Wood Construction was always on the job site and their sub-contractors had been with them for many years which contributed to the excellent quality of workmanship and coordination within their team.

Over 8 years later, we are proud to report we are very pleased with the quality construction of our home and we continue to enjoy a great relationship with Wood Construction. We would certainly recommend Wood Construction to anyone seeking a quality home builder. Our ‘home building experience’ was indeed a pleasure throughout the entire process.


Thom & Jan Otto - Robins, Iowa

Remodeling in order to have your dream home can be a nightmare! We purchased a “nearly new” home in 2009. It was built in 2006. It is a lovely home and although the kitchen was attractive it was not built for a person that actually cooks. After living in the house for a year we knew we wanted a change. However, it was hard for us to think about scrapping kitchen cabinets that were only 3 years old. We took our concerns to Mark at Wood Construction Inc.

Working in tandem with Devonna Wood at Cabinet Studio we were able to reconfigure our kitchen using all of our “old” cabinets and adding 2 additional. (You can never have enough storage, right?) The new configuration added an island and made what used to be a HUGE work triangle into a beautiful and efficient workspace. We were able to reuse much of our former granite countertop to help keep costs within our budget.

Work began on Jan. 10th and the work was completed in less than one month. Mark was terrific to work with. He was organized, tidy, efficient and worked well with his subcontractors to keep our schedule moving in an orderly fashion. The workmanship is amazing. We are very pleased with the results and would certainly recommend Wood Construction Inc. to our friends.


Marilyn Loan

We are extremely satisfied with our home built by Wood Construction. The design, workmanship and attention to detail are all of the highest quality. It’s not another house. It’s our custom built home.

We thought the whole building process was going to be overwhelming with all the decisions to be made, but they made it a pleasurable experience. With their knowledge and expertise, and excellent choice and management of the subcontractors they made the process easy and relatively stress free.

We were very impressed to learn that Wood Construction has been building award-winning homes for over 30 years and all relying on word of mouth through their customers. This shows their dedication to customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality of homes.

In the end, Wood Construction exceeded our expectations and we recommend them to everyone.


Todd and Jennifer Roberts

Wood Construction is unlike any other builder in the area.  They specialize in relatively affordable homes yet they're built with care and premium finishes.

When I was looking to build, I was shocked at the builders in my price range that charged extra for everything from gutters to a concrete driveway.  Wood doesn't cut every possible corner; the windows are trimmed out with woodwork instead of wrapped with drywall, real oak floors in several areas are standard, canister lights are standard, insulated garage doors, etc.  By the time I added everything that was optional to the other builder's homes, the price was quite a bit higher than Wood Construction's price. 

I've been in my Wood home for six years and I couldn't be more pleased.


Von Plagmann

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